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Fibber McGee and Molly Golden Age of Radio Broadcasts


AdvertisementIn good times and bad, the ability of Americans to laugh at themselves and with one another has been a great source of strength. We have seen in recent turbulent times the need for laughter. It is refreshing to see how Americans answered that need during the Depression Years, through WWII, and into the Turbulent Post War years. Although from our perspective these seem to be simpler times, the problems were just as daunting as those today. Perhaps the humor was greater…


The Fibber McGee and Molly Show was a cornerstone of that shared humor. Just as we expect to hear about the zinger from last night or discuss the latest Idol around the water cooler at work, Fibber McGee and Molly, through the national coverage of the NBC Network, was a shared experience from coast to coast, and for Our Boys Overseas, thanks to AFN.


Modern audiences may expect the humor of Fibber McGee and Molly to be dated by our standards. In many ways the opposite is true. Fibber McGee and Molly was one of the first Family Sit Coms. Many of the gags and other elements of the show have been used time and time again.Fibber McGee Much of the formula for Fibber McGee and Molly has been used in The Flintstones, All in the Family, The Munster's, The Cosby Show, Home Improvement, even Married With Children and The Simpsons!  Through the Old Time Radio Catalog, you have the opportunity experience situational comedy from its infancy.


 OTRCat.com delivers rare and vintage broadcasts direct from Fibber McGee and Molly's popular radio program. Although the better part of a century has passed us by, the laughter is still fresh and as funny as when it was first broadcast.  Be a part of history by getting to know history with classic recordings from the original Family Situational Comedy, Fibber McGee and Molly!

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