Cast: Isabel Randolph

as Mrs. Abigail Uppington


Isabel RaldolphThe character of highbrow Abigail Uppington was a delight for lowbrow Fibber to deflate on a regular basis. Coming from Old Money, she came from a world that the McGee's could only dream about, and from that world, she could sometimes see but seldom truly understood the everyday world of "Normal People" like Fibber and Molly.


Isabel Randolph had an extensive career in regional theater throughout the Midwest form pre-WWI through the mid 1930s. She performed in several Soap Operas at NBC Chicago before starting on Fibber McGee and Molly. In the beginning she played various "snooty" roles, which eventually became recurring character Mrs. Abigail Uppington. Fibber delighted in deflating the pretensions of the society matron he referred to as "Uppy." Randolph would go on to have a long career in film and television, specializing in the "Grande Dame" roles. One of her last appearances was as Dick Van Dyke's television mother on the Dick Van Dyke Show.

Fibber McGee