Cast: Arthur Q. Bryan

as Doctor Gamble


As would be expected, the loss of personnel during WWII made it necessary to add some new blood to the crew in Wistful Vista. Arthur Q Bryan and Dr GambleOne of these would be Doctor Gamble, who would move in across the street from the McGee's, played by Arthur Bryan.


Bryan had risen to prominence in the late 1930's at Warner Brother's Looney Tunes as the voice of Elmer Fudd. Fudd was so popular that his short films were used to develop another Looney Tunes favorite, Bugs Bunny, who would make his first official appearance in the Elmer Fudd cartoon, A Wild Hare.


When he first entered radio Bryan was of course usually called upon to reprise his Fudd voice. But Don Quinn had bigger plans for Bryan. Doc Gamble was a marked contrast to our hero Fibber- better educated, smarter, and generally superior to his braggart neighbor. As such, he would usually get the better of Fibber, something Elmer Fudd could never expect to happen with Bugs Bunny.

Fibber McGee